General guidelines for authors of conference proceedings in pss

Authors to do:


Download the template, fill to complete paper,

submit and specify in cover letter if you do not want to apply for eventual pss-a up-grading.

How, please follow these instructions:


Manuscript preparation instructions and Word/LaTeX templates


General author instructions with links to the template/style packages valid for pss (a), (b), and (c)

are available at


Please use either the Word or the LaTeX template, especially for publication in pss (c), since the articles will be produced from the publication-ready manuscript files. In addition, it is the easiest and most accurate way to check the page limits.

Please do not modify any pre-settings in the manuscript templates/style file such as font sizes, margins, and other formats, to avoid an incorrect layout of the publication. Manuscripts which incorrectly use the template may be returned to the authors by the Guest Editors or the Editorial Office.


Manuscript submission





Editorial policy for the publication of conference contributions


All contributions will be considered as submissions to pss as an international scientific journal. Invited and Contributed Articles may be published in pss (c) -- current topics in solid state physics or (upon nomination by the respective Guest Editor(s) and approval by the Editorial Board) as Original Papers or Feature Articles in pss (a) -- applications and materials science or pss (b) -- basic solid state physics.


For publication in pss (c) positive review by one referee during or after the conference is sufficient. In contrast, for publication as an Original Paper in pss (a) or (b) will require double peer-review by two referees in the same way as for regular submissions to these journals. At least one of the referees will be selected from outside the conference community either by the Guest Editors or by the pss Editorial Office.


The main criteria for consideration as an Original Paper in pss (a) or (b) are


See also our Checklist for Referees at


Exceptions concerning the third criterion may be made in case of a strong review character of the manuscript. In such a case, proper reference to earlier sources and sufficient interest to the readers of the journal are necessary.


If essential results presented at the conference have already been submitted or published elsewhere, full reference should be made in the manuscript (including papers "submitted" or "in press"). In that case, publication may still be acceptable for the proceedings in pss (c). Excessive duplication of published material, however, will not be accepted.


Please note that the space available for publication in pss (a) and (b) is strictly limited. The Guest Editors and the Editorial Board therefore have to make a selection, in particular for large conferences.


The scientific committee of Euro CVD20 will assign peers for peer reviewing of your contribution, and according to required quality standards support the “up-grading” of your contribution to pss-a;



Patrik Hoffmann, for the organizing committee


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