Lake Sempach (Sempachersee) is situated in the heart of Switzerland close to Lucerne and is surrounded by a breath-taking landscape. The region around Lake Sempach prides itself with pristine nature, cultural and historic landmarks, a wide range of restaurants and hotels as well as a multitude of sports and outdoors activities, and is thus a perfect place for holidays, excursions and recreation.

Towns like Lucerne, Sempach, Sursee and the like make a lasting impression due to their historic city centers and cultural assets from days past. What's more, you can count on a varied cultural program, numerous traditional customs and many more interesting events.

The EuroCVD 20 conference will take place at the Festhalle Seepark in Sempach, which is on the lake of Sempach in a quiet part of Switzerland.



by public transport to Sempach Stadt, Post

by car: GPS Luzernerstrasse 7, Sempach (N47 08 01 E008 11 29)


Historic place

On the grounds of the place in front of the Festhalle (festivity hall) Seepark Sempach the locals carried out festivities more than 600 years ago.

According to the legend the victory of the battle of Sempach between the Old Swiss Confederacy against Leopold III, Duke of Austria (Habsburger) was celebrated on this place in 1386. The festivity hall was constructed later.

The inhabitants are strongly identifying with the festivity hall at Seepark in Sempach as a his-torical place. The present building was constructed for the 600 years jubilee of the famous battle in 1986.



The hotel bookings for the Conference is now open.



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Festhalle Seepark Sempach

Festivity hall Seepark Sempach

Hotel Sonnenthal